This is a Nigeria-based company involved in the sales and installation of modern communications equipment like computers and phones. Its services also extend to internet services and corporate communications installation and maintenance. As a member of the Goldspot Group, it is interested in everything that connects individuals and organizations together in an increasingly globalized world. These services include the state of the art cybercafé’s and call centers that transmit at high speed internet service. It provides a communication system with reliability, scalability and reliability.cyber1

Some of its services includes:

  • Enterprise management services
  • bulk messaging
  • cyber cafes / 24 hours call center solutions
  • interactive website solutions / social media management
  • web hosting
  • application management
  • strategy & marketing / advertising
  • web solutions
  • e-business solutionscyber2
  • business to business management
  • corporate image rebranding
  • staffing support& training
  • business communications solutions
  • business rebranding solutions
  • information & communication technology
  • project management & consultancy services
  • e-commerce solutions -sell online & accept payments
  • Installation of Rural Internet Kiosks across the country.